The Fam

The Fam

Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Hot Mamma

I have to share the most amazing moment I've had in years (even if it is at my sons expense...again!).

I went into Wendy's last week to drop off my son his phone. He was working at the back window so one of his co-workers walked back and said "Hey Taylor, your girls here".
Confused, Taylor responds, "What?"
Co-worker again says "Your girls here, she's got something for you".
Thinking that his friend obviously had the wrong person Taylor says, "I don't have a GIRL".
So they both walk up to the front of the store slightly perplexed and as they round the corner Taylor says, "DUDE, that's my MOM!". To which the co-worker replies "No way, she's gotta only be in her twenties!"

Taylor said that he did eventually believed him with some coaxing, he thinks...

Can't beat that kind of compliment with a stick!